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Q19. ‘Aerial metagenomics’ best refers to which one of the following situations?

a. Collecting DNA samples from air in a habitat at one go
b. Understanding the genetic makeup of avian species of a habitat
c. Using air-borne devices to collect blood samples from moving animals
d. Sending drones to inaccessible areas to collect plant and animal samples from land surfaces and water bodies

Question from UPSC Prelims 2023 GS Paper

Explanation : 

Correct Answer: a. Collecting DNA samples from air in a habitat at one go

Aerial Metagenomics UPSC

Aerial metagenomics refers to the process of collecting and analyzing DNA samples from the air in a specific habitat. This method helps in understanding the genetic makeup of various organisms (including bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals) present in the environment without having to physically collect samples from each organism. The term “aerial” refers to the air, and “metagenomics” refers to the study of genetic material from multiple species within a community.

Aerial Metagenomics

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