Prelims 2023

Q90. By which one of the following Acts was the Governor General of bengal designated as the Governor General of India?

a. The Regulating Act
b. The Pitt’s India Act
c. The Charter Act of 1793
d. The Charter Act of 1833

Question from UPSC Prelims 2023 GS Paper

Explanation : 

d. The Charter Act of 1833

Governor-General of India

Governor-General of Bengal was designated as the Governor-General of India by the Charter Act of 1833. This act centralized the British administration in India by consolidating the control of the British East India Company’s territories under a single authority. The Governor-General of India became the highest-ranking British official in India, responsible for directing and controlling all the company’s affairs in the country. This change in designation marked a crucial step in the process of establishing a centralized British administration in India.

Government of India Act 1833 – Wikipedia

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