CSAT 2023

Q. Environmental problems cause health problems.

Substantial changes in lifestyle can reduce environmental or health problems, but this idea appears almost impossible to adopt. With environmental problems, individual efforts can be perceived as having a negligible effect and therefore lead to inertia. With health, on the other hand, individual choices can make the difference between life and death, literally. And yet, barring a few, there seems to be the same collective lethargy towards making their choices.

Q. Which one of the following statements best implies the most rational assumption that can be made from the passage?

(a) We are likely to spend more money on cure than prevention.
(b) It is the job of the government to solve our environmental and public health problems.
(c) Health can be protected even if environmental problems go on unattended.
(d) Loss of traditional lifestyle and the influence of western values led to some unhealthy ways of living.

Question from UPSC Prelims 2023 CSAT

Model Answer:

Q1: Correct Answer – (a) We are likely to spend more money on cure than prevention.

Explanation – 
The passage discusses the lack of individual action towards preventing environmental and health problems, suggesting that people are more likely to deal with the consequences (cure) than take preventative measures. The other options are not directly implied or discussed in the passage.

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