CSAT 2020

Q. In a class, there are three groups A, B and C. If one student from group A and two students from group B are shifted to group C, then what happens to the average weight of the students of the class?

(a) It increases.
(b) It decreases.
(c) It remains the same.
(d) No conclusion can be drawn due to insufficient data.
Correct Answer: (c) It remains the same.

Question from UPSC Prelims 2020 CSAT Paper

Explanation :

There are three groups a, b and c in a class

The average weight of the students in the class remains the same because the total weight of all students in the class does not change. The average weight is calculated by dividing the total weight of all students by the number of students. Since neither the total weight nor the number of students changes when some students are shifted from one group to another within the class, their average weight remains unchanged.

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