CSAT 2020

Q. Two Statements are given followed by two Conclusions:
All cats are dogs. All cats are black.

All dogs are black.
Some dogs are not black.
Which of the above Conclusions logically follows/follow from the two given Statements disregarding commonly known facts?
(a) Only Conclusion-l
(b) Only Conclusion-II
(c) Neither Conclusion-I nor Conclusion-II
(d) Both Conclusions-I and Conclusion-Il
Correct Answer: (c) Neither Conclusion-I nor Conclusion-II

Question from UPSC Prelims 2020 CSAT Paper

Explanation : 

All cats are dogs. All cats are black.

The two given statements are “All cats are dogs” and “All cats are black.” From these statements, we can’t conclude anything about the color of dogs. The first conclusion “All dogs are black” assumes that all dogs are cats, which is not stated in the given statements.

The second conclusion “Some dogs are not black” also assumes something about the color of dogs that is not stated in the given statements. Therefore, neither conclusion logically follows from the two given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

So the correct answer is © Neither Conclusion-I nor Conclusion-II.

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