Prelims 2023

Q86. With reference to ancient Indian History, consider the following parts:
Literary work – Author

1. Devichandragupta : Bilhana
2. Hammira-Mahakavya : Nayachandra Suri
3. Milinda-panha : Nagarjuna
4. Nitivakyamrita : Somadeva Suri

How many of the above pairs are correctly matched?
a. Only one
b. Only two
c. Only three
d. All four

Question from UPSC Prelims 2023 GS Paper

Explanation :

Correct Answer: b. Only two

Analysis of Literary Works and Authors

1. Devichandraguptam – Bilhana

This pair is incorrectly matched. “Devichandraguptam” is not a known work of Bilhana. Bilhana is famous for his work “Vikramankadevacharita,” which describes the life of the Chalukya king Vikramaditya VI.

2. Hammira-Mahakavya – Nayachandra Suri

This pair is correctly matched. Nayachandra Suri wrote the “Hammira Mahakavya,” which is an epic poem in Prakrit language celebrating the life of Hammira, a ruler of the Chauhan dynasty of Ranthambore.

3. Milinda-panha – Nagarjuna

This pair is incorrectly matched. “Milinda-panha” (Questions of Milinda) is a Buddhist text that documents a dialogue between the Indo-Greek king Menander (Milinda) and the Buddhist monk Nagasena. Nagarjuna, a major Buddhist philosopher, did not write this text.

4. Nitivakyamrita – Somadeva Suri

This pair is correctly matched. Somadeva Suri, a Jain monk and scholar, wrote “Nitivakyamrita,” which is a work on ethics and morality in Jainism.

Based on the analysis, only two of the pairs are correctly matched:

  • Hammira-Mahakavya : Nayachandra Suri
  • Nitivakyamrita : Somadeva Suri

Therefore, the correct answer is: b. Only two

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