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Q. How will I2U2 (India, Israel, UAE and USA) grouping transform India’s position in global politics?

Question from UPSC Mains 2022 GS2 Paper

Model Answer: 

I2U2 grouping

I2U2 grouping, comprising India, Israel, UAE, and USA, is a relatively new development in global politics. The grouping brings together four countries with diverse backgrounds and interests but with a shared vision of promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the region. In this answer, we will discuss how the I2U2 grouping can transform India’s position in global politics.

I2U2 (India, Israel, UAE and USA)

Strengthening regional alliances:

The I2U2 grouping can help India strengthen its regional alliances with Israel and the UAE, which are key players in the Middle East.
The UAE and Israel have recently normalized their relations, and India can leverage this development to deepen its engagement with the two countries and expand its footprint in the region.
This can help India increase its strategic presence in the region, enhance its energy security, and strengthen its counter-terrorism efforts.

Enhancing trade and economic ties:

The I2U2 grouping can help India enhance its trade and economic ties with the US and Israel, two major players in the global economy.
The US is India’s largest trading partner, and the two countries have been working towards strengthening their economic partnership through initiatives like the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum.
Israel is known for its innovative and technology-driven economy, and India can benefit from Israel’s expertise in areas like water management, agriculture, and defense.

Countering China’s influence:

The I2U2 grouping can also help India counter China’s growing influence in the region.
China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has raised concerns among India’s neighbors, who are wary of China’s economic and political influence.
The I2U2 grouping can offer an alternative to the BRI, which is focused on infrastructure development and economic cooperation, but without the geopolitical strings attached to China’s projects.

Strengthening India’s role in global governance:

The I2U2 grouping can help India strengthen its role in global governance by promoting the principles of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.
The US, Israel, and the UAE are all democracies, and the grouping can leverage their shared values to promote a rules-based international order.
This can help India increase its influence in international organizations like the UN and the WTO and enhance its role in shaping global policy on issues like climate change, trade, and security.


The I2U2 grouping has the potential to transform India’s position in global politics by strengthening its regional alliances, enhancing its trade and economic ties, countering China’s influence, and strengthening its role in global governance. While the grouping is still in its early stages, it represents an opportunity for India to leverage its strategic partnerships with the US, Israel, and the UAE to advance its strategic interests and promote regional stability and prosperity.

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