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Sociology Optional 2022 Paper 1 Model Answers

Our UPSC Sociology Optional 2022 Paper 1 webpage provides a comprehensive collection of model answers to questions from this examination. This resource is designed to help aspirants understand the depth and breadth of responses expected in the UPSC Sociology Optional Paper 1. 

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Section A

Q.1 Answer the following questions in about 150 words each:
a) Delimit the scope of sociology in relation to other social sciences.
b) How does a researcher achieve objectivity in interpretative research?
c) The difference between information and data in social science is subtle. Comment.
d) Durkhiem argued that society is more than the sum of individual acts. Discuss.
e) How do sociologists construct gender in their analysis on social inequality?

Q.2 a) What aspects of Enlightenment do you think paved way for the emergence of sociology ? Elaborate.
b) Explain the different types of non- probability sampling techniques .Bring out the conditions of their usage with appropriate examples.
c) Discuss social mobility in open and closed system.

Q.3 a) What are the shortfalls of positivist philosophy that gave rise to the non-positivist methods of studying social reality ?
b) Critically examine how Durkheim and Merton explicate Anomie.
c) Suggest measures to minimize the influence of the researchers in process of collecting data through focus group discussion.

Q.4 a) What characterizes degradation of work in capitalist society according to Marx ?
b) Social stratification is claimed to contribute to maintenance of social order and stability in society. Critically assess.
c) What is reliability ? Explain the different tests available to social science researcher to establish reliability.

Section B

Q.5 Write short answers of following questions in about 150 words each:
a) Critically examine the relevance of Durkheim’s views on religion in contemporary society.
b) Discuss various theoretical perspectives on family.
c) Explain the implications of feminization of work in the developing societies.
d) Write a note on global trends of secularization.
e) Trace the trajectory of development perspectives on social change.

Q.6 a) According to Mead the idea of self develops when the individual becomes self-conscious.Explain.
b) Analyse the nature of transition from ideology to identity politics in India.
c) How do little tradition and great tradition coexist in contemporary Indian society ?

Q.7 a) Critically analyse Parsons views on society as a social system.
b) Discuss how “environmentalism” can be explained with new social movements approach.
c) Illustrate with examples the role of pressure groups in the formulation of social policies.

Q.8 a) Sociologists argue for democratization of science and technology for inclusive development. Comment.
b) Are traditional social institutions getting weakend as agents of social change in the contemporary society ? Substantiate.
c) How do you understand the relationship between patriarchy and social development ?

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